Registration Information
Registration can be accomplished in the following ways;

Email us at ,


Send your name, address and license number(s) along with a check or
money order in advance to:

Daryl King
3164 Hammett Hill Road
Bowling Green, KY 42101

or call Brenda at 1-270-782-0560

  Registration for Master/Electrician Classes

Pre-register  for Master/Electrician classes by sending your name, address
and license number along with a check or money order in advance to:

Larry Blacklock
10101 State Route 505 South
Cromwell, KY 42333

or call Tammy at 1-270-999-2844.

Class fees
$90.00 for 6 hours of Electrical Contractor continuing education
90.00 for 6 hours of Master HVAC or Master Plumbing continuing
$160.00 for both Electrical Contractor and Master HVAC or Master
Plumbing continuing education at the same time.
$220.00 for all three at the same time.
Day of class, add $10.00 to fee.

CEU Solutions – Revised Company Policies

Due to circumstances beyond our control, (the cost of gas, facility rentals,
postage, supplies, cost of living, etc) it has become necessary for us to
amend our previously liberal enrollment policies in order to continue to
provide quality professional continuing education to our students.
The high numbers of unpaid pre-registered students who fail to attend our
classes have made it necessary for us to require all students to pre-
register and pre-pay in order for us to reserve them a seat in a class.
Anyone who is not pre-registered and pre-paid will be required to pay an
additional $10.00 on the day of class. Anyone who does pre-register and
pre-pay and does not attend their scheduled class will forfeit their class
fee unless they notify us in advance that they are not able to attend. We
apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.

Pre-registration and pre-payment
Pre-registration and pre-payment is now required.

Since pre-registration and pre-payment is required to guarantee a seat in a
class, walk-ons will only be allowed when seating is still available and an
additional $10.00 fee is paid on the day of class.

No shows
Any student who has pre-paid and cannot attend the class is required to
notify us in advance in order to preserve their class fee. A pre-paid student
can choose to receive a refund or reschedule for another class as long as
we are notified in advance. Failure to notify us in advance will result in a
forfeit of the fee.

Returned checks
Due to the increased number of checks being returned for insufficient
funds, it is now necessary for us to charge a $25.00 returned check fee.
Remember the bank charges us every time a check is returned to us for
insufficient funds.

Replacement certificates
Starting 1/1/2008, anyone requesting a replacement certificate because
they have lost their original will be charged a $5.00 fee for printing,
handling and postage. Students should immediately make a copy of their
original and file the original in case the copy is lost.